Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well y'all, I'm back, don't judge me and shit, but I'm back with a poem I wrote a while back and shit. Leave some feedback if you want, cause tonight I have a semi-fictional story coming right at you. But for now read this:

A cold wind blows
Red-orange leaves flow across the horizon
An astute mind knows
Not all is perfect, for his past is not behind him
This scene
Though beautiful, lacks depth
This scheme
That beauty can cover up death
The wind slowly calls her name
You stand
Your look stays the same
As the leaves turn to rain
And wash away the ridiculous expression of pain
You find an umbrella
Yet it doesn't dry the disdain
That sits upon your face so idle and vain
So quickly the rope cuts the skin and you gasp
No face to go along with the tight grasp
It seems that beauty can't cover up death
The rain, oh the rain, can cover what's left.

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