Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New Project

For the last three years I have been writing and arranging songs from my soul. I've written well over 100 songs, but I'm taking a selection of these songs and putting them together into an album for others to hear. This first album is titled The Girls Vol. 1, because it's a group of songs written about the various women who have danced or stabbed their way into my life. So here is the official artwork and the track listing for the album. I'm still recording most of the tracks so the finished product is expected later this year, but I needed to announce it so I'd actually release it. So here are the songs of The Girls Vol. 1

1. Chance Conversation
2. Figures
3. Dark Pine Parlour
4. Volvo Wagon (Things We Do In Park)
5. Queens Road Girls
6. Southpark Swing
7. Tests
8. Real I
9. Cold Stares
10. Beauty/Death
11. Real II
A special thanks to my boy Julius aka @FunnyJulius on twitter and his team at for creating my album cover. 

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