Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bunk Coast Motorsports Weekend Minute 1

Today I'm gonna just drop some tidbits of how the week went around here. 

I guess I'll start with the repo. Oh yeah, you may not know about this one. We had another buyback occur this week from some stupid nigga that bought a CLS500 and didn't make his first payment. So on Saturday he had the nerve to call asking about where his license plate was because his 30-day tag expired. So in an effort to save repo costs (we didn't have a GPS on the car) I told him to come in and we'd get him his registration knocked out. He pulled in, walked inside, and we blocked his car in. We presented him with the paperwork, and he gave up the keys. I'll elaborate this one further in my next piece. 

We sold 4 E60 5-Series this weekend. Some average rich white guy bought the pristine 2008 550i M-Sport we had. Him and his big-titted wife traded in a Volvo XC60 that I most certainly will use this week. I sold a 2006 550i to this chick from New Jersey with all her bad ass kids and grandchildren. It was a black over tan car with nav that had 112k miles and a brand new transmission, a safe car to buy. Next up was the 2008 535i with the aftermarket M-Sport bumper and authentic M-Sport wheels. I sold the guy a JB4 package with me installing it and setting it up for an extra bit of cash. Last but not least, the 2007 530i. It was a no-brainer car with 50k miles on it and chrome sport package wheels. That was another easy one to complete with wheels travelling down the road in a hour. 

Now it's Sunday, so I'm going to head to church then get mimosas, see y'all again next week. 

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