Thursday, July 23, 2015


I spend a large portion of my time out in the midst of the other car enthusiasts here in Charlotte, NC. One of the few gatherings that survives from the early 2010's is the QC meet. The QC Meet began with 15 people and their cars (mine included) in the parking lot of MVP's Raw Bar secluded behind an earthen berm from a straight stretch of NC Highway 16. We would stay late into the night, long after the bar closed and challenged each other as the rest watched from atop the berm. Three beeps, and the headlights and tailights passed then disappeared into the night. Soon the location proved to be popular, with a style akin to mountain parking areas in Japan. The 15 soon grew to 80 people, then eventually every Wednesday night there were 150 packed in. 

Photo from early QC meet. (Pictured: Audi S5: me Lexus IS250: Dave Sysyongdeth Honda Civic FG2: Rocky Bouasavatdy)

The QC Meet outgrew it's original location at MVP's and moved to several different locations around the Charlotte area. One of them was the Advance Auto Parts on Sunset Road where I infamously started the 30-car strong "burnout riot" that attracted our first real police attention. From that point on our group moved along in the city week-to-week to different locations ans continued to grow in size. One of those locations is across the street from my dealership, in the abandoned Coliseum Center shopping block. 

Coliseum Center QC Meet 250 car night taken from East Coast Motorsports.

After a dispute with property management we settled on a location nearby. The pictures I'm posting here are selections from the first meet in the new location.

New QC Meet.

Audi A4 1.8T on Mercedes-Benz S550 Designo wheels and BC Racing Coilovers. Owner: Johnny Srey

1981 Cadillac Coupe De Ville lowrider on authentic Dayton wire wheels. Owner: unknown

EG1 Honda Civic powered by BA18A2 engine and YS1 transmission combo. Owner: Brandon Slack

RHD S13 240SX powered by SR20DET motor. Owner: Cameron Malcom

Police come to check out the Viper SRT-10. Owner: Adam Brockway

Boosted EJ6 Honda Civic built by Intense Motorsports. Owner: Patrick Doran

Clean Dodge Viper GTS. Owner: Dan Hart

Lastly, my goodbye from Dan as we left the meet:

Thank you again for viewing this American Underground feature!

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