Thursday, December 31, 2015


It's December 31st. I'm drinking Mumm Napa because I can't afford Krug. Or Moët. Or Perrier-Jouët. It's been a rough year. Drugs, jail, loneliness all were key words this year. But I have a great group of friends out there who made all those experiences easier for me. John Wegmann showed me I'm still capable of making friends, even if said friend is a wannabe redneck xenophobe. Derek Kriendler gave me a much needed push to pursue some things I didn't imagine I'd even try, and made me want to whip a new Equus. Evan Yonkers was there for me when I never expected him to. He made the roughest patches in my year go by so much easier, plus I got to let him experience Restaurant Depot. Always a friend as long as I live is Josh Cook, even when I fuck up he's right there, no matter what it is. Jasmyne Parrish is a absolutely beautiful soul and great person who just made my days brighter no matter how I fucked up. Jack Baruth helped me hammer out some ideas and always had some helpful advice no matter how fucked up I can be. Abe Drimmer always came through in the clutch with good words and great creative ideas. Basically thank all of you for being you and making 2015 a real damn interesting year. In 2016 we will achieve greatness in a bunch of different arenas. Thank you all so much. 

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