Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Don't fear what you feel inside. Don't fear the way I make you feel. Don't fear the world knowing what we've done. Don't fear losing your heart to moments we experienced in the dark.

Don't replay the expression on your face when my face found its way to your pussy. Don't replay the moans that slipped from your lips. Don't replay the tightness of your grip when you assisted my release. 

Don't let me kiss you. Don't let me mislead you. Don't let me look you in the eyes. Don't let me utter your name. Don't let me make this all about you. 

Don't resist letting go. Don't tell yourself this will happen again. Don't think less of yourself. Don't base your value on moments like this. Don't think that I'm special. Don't ever give this to someone else like me that doesn't deserve it. Don't think that I love you. Don't think that we will be the same. Love yourself and maybe things will change. 

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