Sunday, May 1, 2016

Crotchfire: True Stories Of The Redhead, Tragic Memoir Five

It hasn’t always been just bad times with her. In fact most of the tragedies occur after us having a beautiful time together. At the end of the day, we love each other but can’t be together. It’s unfair how life does that to two souls that have no choice of who they love. It’s like how Adele has three albums worth of material about heartache brought on by one man. The good times don’t move you quite as well as the bad. I remember the day she told me she was marrying someone else. She looked beautiful sitting on the deck of my sailboat in a loose linen number. We were crossing Lake Norman back to her parents lake compound where we had set off from earlier in the afternoon.

I had snuck the boat to their pier in the middle of the night as a surprise for her. We had planned to meet there that weekend while her boyfriend was away on holiday with his family. She drove her father’s Prius in an attempt to bring no attention to herself. It was a beautiful day of champagne and massive laughter out on the water. Neither of us were truly ready to let this end, especially not with the ending that occurred. That’s the thing though, you can’t have good times exclusively. The world doesn’t work that way, you just hold on to hope that the golden days outweigh the somber.

In the case of me and the Redhead, I’m not entirely sure if either has come more often. But it really isn’t quite over yet, is it? We had a conversation about this whole day recently over a late dinner at The Capital Grille. Our smiles were pained compared to the ones out on the lake, but this time we left without an argument. Time continuing to go on has caused some of the wounds to heal, but time has also kept us together. Friendships like ours don’t really make sense, so it’s hard to say what will happen between us in the future. But for now,we have our good memories to bring us some level of solace. For me, that’s enough.

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